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sukhoi 30 mki world ranking


The modernization is aimed on improvements in aircraft's avionics and armament. Its derivatives include the Su-30MKM, MKA, and SM for Malaysia, Algeria, and Russia respectively. US F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-18 and Sukhoi Su-27/30 family of fighter jets are ranked most popular combat aircraft in the world. Sukhoi Su-30MKI has electronic counter-measure systems. [8] It has abilities similar to the Sukhoi Su-35 with which it shares many features and components. It is planned to modernize all Russia's Su-30SMs to the SM2 standard. [63], Vietnam has received about 20 Su-30MKV2s under two contracts signed in 2009 and 2010, respectively. [59], OLS-30 laser-optical Infra-red search and track includes a day and night FLIR capability and is used in conjunction with the helmet mounted sighting system. The Su-30MKI is an air superiority fighter jointly developed by Russia's Sukhoi and India's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. The Sukhoi Su-30MKI (NATO reporting name: Flanker-H) is a twinjet multirole air superiority fighter developed by Russia's Sukhoi and built under licence by India's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Indian Air Force (IAF). At least four Su-30SM fighters were spotted in a satellite photo. Attempting to master the Su-30K was a challenge in itself because you had to develop “seat of the pants feeling” in an aircraft that was not carefree handling (as you would expect a FBW aircraft to be). 2006. [104], Data from Irkut,[118] Sukhoi,[119][120], Indian variant of the Su-30MK multirole fighter aircraft, Nosewheel of a Su-30MKI; note the externally mounted drag brace is fixed to the fuselage instead of the gear leg. Phase 3 of further development of the MKI, will integrate avionic systems being developed for the Indo-Russian Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft programme.[60]. The integrated aerodynamic configuration, combined with the thrust vectoring control ability, results in high manoeuvrability and unique takeoff and landing characteristics. Two AL-31Fs, each rated at 123 kN (28,000 lbf) of full afterburning thrust ensures Mach 2 in level flight, 1,350 km/h speed at low altitude, and a 230 m/s climbing rate. Personally, my heart is with the Su-30K! ", "US Red Flag pilot candidly assesses Su-30MKI’s limits, Rafale’s dirty tricks", "A final word, from India, on 'YouTube Terry'. [80][81] [40], Malaysia has ordered 18 Su-30MKMs in May 2003. [46], India is planning to increase Su-30MKIs BVR engagement capability by arming its entire fleet with the indigenous Astra BVR missile[47] having a range of over 100 km[48] and Israeli Derby after it was found that the R-77 active-radar homing BVR missile has inadequate performance. [13] After the regiment was disbanded in 2002, the aircraft became part of 4th Centre for Combat Employment and Retraining of Personnel in Lipetsk where they were flown mostly by Russian Falcons aerobatic team. People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has received first batch of ten Su-30MKK fighters in December 2000, following by second and third batches of ten fighters in August and December 2001, respectively. The F-35 has the main advantage of a much smaller RCS of 0.005 m2 without external stores than the Su-30MKI’s 4m2 clean and up to 11.5 m2 with full external stores. ", "Indian cabinet clears Rs 8,000-cr plan to fit IAF with BRAHMOS. [27], In June 2018, India has reportedly decided not to order any further Su-30s as they feel its cost of maintenance is very high compared to Western aircraft. ", "Подробности: Беларусь купит 12 истребителей Су-30СМ за российский кре", "Delivery of Su-30SM fighter jets to Belarus postponed to 2019", "Белоруссия получила еще два истребителя Су-30СМ", "Russia to sign contract this year to sell Su-30SM fighter jets to Iran", "Belarus may buy outdated Su-30 fighters from Russia", "Sukhoi Su-30-story in colours. The missile will equip both Sukhoi and Rafale fighter jets,” a defence official told The Express. ", "Sukhois 'splash' UK Tornados over Gwalior. [5] The IAF has nearly 260 Su-30MKIs in inventory as of January 2020. [70] The third order for 12 more aircraft was approved in August 2017[71][72] and eight aircraft were ordered in May 2018. Both pilots ejected safely. At the time, there were some 32 Su-32MK2s in service. A ToI report stated that the MiG-29s are likely to be acquired at “relatively lower prices”. While the original Su-27 had good range, it still did not have enough range for the Soviet Air Defense Forces (PVO, as opposed to VVS – the Soviet Air Force). The Indian aircraft has many advantages over its Russian counterpart, which includes its light-weight and the capacity to carry up to a 9-ton payload. The first two prototypes with the "Super-30" upgrade will be delivered to the IAF in 2012, after which the upgrades will be performed on the last batch of 40 production aircraft. The Su-30 MKI is a massive hulk that can carry 8 tons of payload with ease [citation needed], The aircraft is fitted with a satellite navigation system (A-737 GPS compatible), which permits it to make flights in all weather, day and night. On 22 September 2020, a Russian Su-30M2 crashed in the Tver region, possibly by friendly fire. On 15 April 2010, a Chinese Su-30MK2 crashed performing a training flight at Zhejiang Province. [33][34] The Brahmos missile integrated on the Su-30MKI will provide the capability to attack ground targets from stand-off ranges of around 300 km. ", "Special Report: The year of the MiG-29: in 2001, RAC MiG had its best year in the post-Soviet era. The first air launch of BrahMos from a Su-30MKI was successfully carried out on 22 November 2017. The RWR system is of Indian design, developed by India's DRDO, called Tarang, (Wave in English). Development of the variant started after India signed a deal with Russia in 2000 to manufacture 140 Su-30 fighter jets. The navigation complex includes the high accuracy SAGEM Sigma-95 integrated global positioning system and ring laser gyroscope inertial navigation system. Defence sources said anti-air multi-target MICA missile fired from Sukhoi-30 MKI for the first time successfully destroyed expendable aerial targets (EATs), demonstrating its stealth capabilities. On 16 October 2019, a Venezuelan Su-30MK2(V) crashed on take of from the Captain Manuel Ríos Air Base in El Sombrero, Guárico. [65] RAF's Air Vice Marshal, Christopher Harper, praised the MKI's dogfight ability, calling it "absolutely masterful in dogfights". ", "Third phase Su-30MKI delivery to India started. [18] In 2008, Samtel HAL Display Systems (SHDS), a joint venture between Samtel Display Systems and HAL, won a contract to develop and manufacture multi-function avionics displays for the MKI. The engine intake ramps and nacelles are fitted with trouser fairings to provide a continuous streamlined profile between the nacelles and the tail beams. The MiG-29 order was placed to form a fourth MiG-29 squadron to bolster depleted IAF strength. Sukhoi Su-30MKI Focusing a little on the defense systems, we can easily speak about the new released Sukhoi Su-30, an aircraft produced by Russia at the company with the same name, also known as Flanker-C, an operating name given by NASA. ISSN 2191-0332. ", "India’s Sukhois turn it on in UK skies, turn off radars. [52][53], The Su-30MKI's radar cross-section (RCS) is reportedly from 4 to 20 square metres. In October 2000, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed for Indian licence-production of 140 Su-30MKIs; in December 2000, a deal was sealed at Russia's Irkutsk aircraft plant for full technology transfer. The MiGs were ordered despite being an older platform since they were deliverable within a 2-3-year timeframe, because they were built for an order that was previously canceled and since they were very reasonably priced compared to newer aircraft. Comments of readers (Feel free to “Leave a Reply” on bottom.) Prospects for Sukhoi are improving, too. [88] The Indian Air Force said this statement was a cover up for the loss of a Pakistani F-16 fighter, stating that all dispatched Sukhoi aircraft returned safely. The forward-facing NIIP N011M Bars (Panther) is a powerful integrated passive electronically scanned array radar. [58] The Bars radar will be replaced by Zhuk-AESA in all Su-30MKI aircraft. The first batch were eight Su-30MKs, the basic version of Su-30. [13] It features state of the art avionics developed by Russia, India and Israel for display, navigation, targeting and electronic warfare; France and South Africa provided other avionics.[14][15]. [77][78], In June 2010, India and France began the fourth round of their joint air exercises, "Garuda", at the Istres Air Base in France. [39], By 2011, about 73 Su-30MKKs were in service with the PLAAF. In July 2001, China has ordered 38 more Su-30MKK fighters. The CDS and Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria inducted the first Sukhoi-30MKI fighter aircraft squadron at the Thanjavur airbase in Tamil Nadu. [citation needed] In 2014, Malaysia had 18 Su-30MKMs in service. Defence sources said anti-air multi-target MICA missile fired from Sukhoi-30 MKI for the first time successfully destroyed expendable aerial targets (EATs), demonstrating its stealth capabilities. The Su 30 MKI was outshone by US Air Force pilots and lost in one on one aerial combat with the older generation F 15 fighters, the review which was put up on a video sharing website last week, claims. [30][31] In March–July 1997, all eight Su-30Ks of the order were delivered at Lohegaon Air Force Base in India. [58] The radar can track 15 air targets and engage 4 simultaneously. ", "Su-35/Su-37 Super Flanker Multirole Fighter. 4.1K likes. In 2009, the planned fleet strength was to be 230 aircraft. Three persons on the ground were injured as a result of the crash. The squadron was raised with Sukhoi Su-7 aircraft at Ambala on 15 September 1969. Unconfirmed reports said the fighter plane had on board one squadron leader and a crew member but the IAF has not yet released any name or rank of the two members in the missing plane. The Su 30 MKI was outshone by US Air Force pilots and lost in one on one aerial combat with the older generation F 15 fighters, the review which was put up on a video sharing website last week, claims. Variants of this HUD have also been chosen for the IAF's Mikoyan MiG-27 and SEPECAT Jaguar upgrades for standardisation. [73], In July 2008, the IAF sent 6 Su-30MKIs and 2 Il-78MKI aerial-refueling tankers, to participate in the Red Flag exercise. Sukhoi-30 MKI is the backbone of the Indian Air Force, A twin engine-Heavy- Long Range- Air Superiority fighter jet of Russian Origin made in India under license by HAL is a time tested machine which has shown its capabilities to the world whether we take the Case of Detecting Chinese 5th Generation fighter jet (Chengdu J-20) or dodging several AMRAAM’s (Advanced Medium Range Air to … The two-seater SU-30 MKI aircraft had gone missing after taking off from Tezpur airbase of Salonibari and lost radar and radio contact on May 23 at around 11.10 am. [citation needed] On 21 August 2013, Russia announced it would deliver another batch of 12 Su-30MKV2s under a $450 million contract, with deliveries in 2014–2015. Raised on 15 Sep 69 with Su-7, the Sqn was later equipped with #MiG27 Ground Attack Aircraft prior to getting numberplated in 2011", "Thanjavur set to host South India's first Sukhoi Squadron",,, "Pilot killed in SU-30 MKI crash in Jaisalmer", "IAF taking steps to prevent another SU-30MKI crash",,,,,,,,,,, "IAF test fires air-to-air missiles ahead of Rafale integration", PICTURE: Su-30 MKI flies first sortie with BrahMos missile, "Captive flight trials of anti-radiation missile soon", "Indian Air Force To Receive 164 Litening Targeting Pod For Su-30MKI Fighters", "ELM-2060P Airborne SAR Reconnaissance Pod for Indian Su-30MKI", "IDN ANALYSIS: Sukhoi Su-30 MKI of Indian Air Force",, Articles containing Russian-language text, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia pending changes protected pages, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Articles needing additional references from November 2008, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2017, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2010, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from October 2017, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2020, Articles containing overly long summaries, Aircraft specs templates using afterburner without dry parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, On 30 April 2009, a Su-30MKI crashed in the Pokhran region of. AESA technology offers improved performance and reliability compared with traditional mechanically scanned array radars. Su-30MKI aerodynamic configuration is a longitudinal triplane with relaxed stability. [16] All aircraft of the first two contracts were delivered by 2016. Also read: In a first, BrahMos supersonic missile successfully tested on Sukhoi-30 MKI platform. Sukhoi SU 30Mki is a 4.5th generation and a very formidable fighter aircraft and when it comes to a dogfight, it is even better than F-22 Raptor, having a dogfight capability of 94% against Raptor's 86%. Irkut traditionally served the Soviet Air Defense and, in the early years of Flanker development, was given the responsibility of manufacturing the Su-27UB, the two-seat trainer version. This page was last edited on 15 January 2021, at 07:38. [28], Su-30SMs were initially tasked with aerial escort of Russian attack jets and strategic bombers but conducted also air to ground duties. Final integration and test flights of the aircraft are carried out at HAL's Nasik Division. The cockpit is provided with containers to store food and water reserves, a waste disposal system and extra oxygen bottles. [44] In 2011, India issued a request for information to MBDA for the integration of the Brimstone ground attack missile and the long-range Meteor air-to-air missile. [83] On 20 June 2017, during the Le Bourget international air show, Belarus has signed a contract to purchase 12 Su-30SMs under a deal worth US$600 million. [34] In March 2010, it was reported India and Russia are negotiating a contract for additional 42 aircraft. In March 2010, it was reported that India and Russia were discussing a contract for 42 more Su-30MKIs. [69] Also in the exercise were RAF Tornado F3s and a Hawk. ", "Exercise Indra Dhanush wraps up at Waddington. [64] This was the first large-scale bilateral aerial exercise with any foreign air force during which the IAF used its Su-30MKIs extensively. sukhoi 30 mki fighter aircraft Indian Air Force's Mirage 2000 crashes in Bengaluru, pilots dead The IAF statement states that the Mirage 2000 trainer aircraft was on an acceptance sortie after upgrade by HAL and an investigation into the cause of accident is being ordered. Explore more on Sukhoi-30mki. [17] This was to increase the total number to 116 (88 in the Air Force and 28 in the Navy). The first two Su-30MK2s arrived in early December 2006 while another eight were commissioned during 2007; 14 more aircraft arrived in 2008. An aerial refueling system increases the range to 5,200 km (3,200 mi) or flight duration up to 10 hours at cruise altitudes.[11][12]. The Mirage 2000 has a modest endurance, and can only house relatively small radars and electronic warfare systems while their underpowered Snecma M53 engines limit the fighter’s flight performance. The fins and horizontal tail consoles are attached to tail beams. [76] Armenia has ordered four Su-30SMs in February 2019, with deliveries expected to begin in 2020. Eurofighter Typhoon vs Sukhoi SU-30MKI. [citation needed], On 3 May 2018, a Russian Air Force Su-30 crashed shortly after take-off from the Khmeimim Air Base, killing both crew members. Over 300 Sukhoi-30, Tejas aircraft at a cost of Rs 64,408 cr to be inducted into IAF 07 Sep, 2011, 07.47 PM IST Over 300 Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jets and Tejas LCA will be procured at a total cost of Rs 64,408 crore to strengthen the combat capability of the IAF. [30] On 30 November 1996, Russian state company Rosvooruzhenie (now Rosoboronexport) and Indian Defence Ministry has signed a contract for development and production of eight Su-30Ks and 32 Su-30MKIs for the Indian Air Force.

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